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School to Work

Our School to Work scholarships are designed to help students who will be entering the workforce directly from school.  In some instances these students may be attending a trade school, seeking a certificate that allows them to work within a specific trade, or pursuing a two-year Associates Degree.  


These scholarships are typically awarded in a single, lump sum.  Download School to Work application and information package for further information.

School to College Scholarships

Our School to College scholarships are designed to assist graduating seniors with the high cost of four-year college expenses.  These scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate their ability to succeed within a major study area.  Students must be able reflect passion, energy, and their love for a field of interest. 

Depending on certain circumstances these scholarships are awarded in a single lump sum or sometimes awarded annually as the student progresses through their major interest of study.  


Download our School to College application and information package for further information.

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