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History of our Fund

The Katherine E. Murray scholarship Fund was founded in 2005.  We lost Katie in March 2004 in a tragic, heart-breaking accident.  Her energy and her love of life touched many lives and she made us laugh on a daily basis.  Her own passion for the things she loved - dress design, horses, cheer leading - prompted us to create this scholarship fund.  Our goal is to help other graduating seniors pursue their passion and dreams.

Since the inception of the fund it has helped 22 high school students with financial assitance.  We have been blessed by these students who have continued pursuing their careers, most of them doing what they love to do!

We are still a small non-profit!  But, our goal is to grow and help both college bound students and career bound students as well.  Our vision is to build an organization that helps students with a wide range of resources including career counseling and career workshops.  

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