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David Murray, Executive Director and Founder

Dave was formerly CEO of a major technology firm in Portland, Oregon.  His strength is "vision" for companies.  He brings that strength to our scholarship fund as he sets the course and direction for helping students discover and achieve what they love to do. His primary passion is about "life-long learning."  

Elise West, Secretary

Elise has been involved with childhood development her entire life.  Elise is currently a teacher in Tigard, Oregon.   She has been involved with early childhood learning most of her life and is the very proud mother of a young son.

Kittie Murray, Director

Kittie is a life-long educator.  Her passion in life has been early childhood development and she was able to fulfill her dream of helping children in her career of teaching preschoolers.  

Mary Murray, Director

Mary is also one of our Directors who has dedicated her life to her passion - helping youth learn and grow.  She works tirelessly in her career and brings a wealth of practical experience and guidance to our team.  Her calmness brings a rich sense of strength in building the scholarship fund.

Raymond Murray,Director

Ray brings a wealth of creative talent to our organization and is not only an experienced on-air talent, but as a Emmy winning producer knows how to make things happen in an organization.  We are fortunate to have him on our Board providing guidance and input as we grow.

Terri Johnson Murray, Director

Terri is an award winning Emmy producer, director, and storytelling strategist.  She currently is the Vice President of Programming at WHYY and has worked for such notable companies as Discover Channel, HGTV, and GrapeVine Multimedia.  Her sense of what works and what doesn't work in program development is a key strength for our team.

Gary Murray, Director

Gary is a talented and creative graphic designer.  His passion in life is .....

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