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Guide and Support from Parents, Mentors, and Friends

Sometimes there are those kids who just know what they want to do with their lives.  They start working towards their objectives early in life and with proper guidance achieve those dreams.  Our belief is that we should all do what we love to do!  Work hard towards that love.


As a parent though it is often times difficult to mentor our kids and guide them towards some careers that may be difficult to achieve.  Or, perhaps the compensation in a career might have a pay scale that really hurts their ability to earn a decent income.  Let's use the "starving artist" example.  It is so easy for us as parents to want to discourage our kids from an art career, knowing how competetive the field is.  But, we shouldn't discourage them.  What we should do is give them every opportunity to explore art as a career but also help them develop a secondary plan.  That means helping them attend various workshops in other fields yet still encouraging them to pursue the career that they love. 


Our team help local schools with School to Career workshops.  Please feel free to contact us on how you can guide your child.

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